We believe our unique approach to environment management is the most straightforward and cost-effective route to achieiving carbon reductionfinancial savings, and compliance with ISO 14001:2015, the latest international environmental management standard.

e-EMS is a cloud-based platform that delivers an innovative and improved approach to environmental management, developed in collaboration with Purple Realtime. It uses a range of tools to assemble your organisation's environmental information and data into a single, secure, intuitive space. This can be remotely updated, developed and monitored through collaboration and communication between users, enims consultants, and smart sensors, by using secure Cisco technology.

To book a demonstration or find our what e-EMS can do for your business, please email info@enims.co.uk or call 0800 644 0196.

Why have we developed it

Who should use it

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How does it work?

For more information about e-EMS or to book a demonstration,
please email [info@enims.co.uk] or call 0845 644 0196.